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Lubrication pumps and grease lubrication pumps

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hose stud for lubrication pumpsWe are manufacturers of fittings and hose lines for central lubrication systems.
The grease lubrication pump is a pump which is capable of providing a system with different lubrication points with grease via a progressive distributor. The progressive distributor can be equipped with varying dosing pistons. It exists as a block distributor or as a disc distributor. This pump is available in different types. With the varying grease pumps, primarily the container is crucial.
 The client should indicate in which application the pump is to be used. In a very rough application field, a grease lubrication pump with a metall container is to be preferred. These grease pumps have the advantage of being less sensitive to stainings and physical damages.
A further criterion is the motor. For example, the grease pump can be equipped with a 12V - 24V motor. This is mainly employed in the sector of construction vehicles and utility plants. Furthermore, the grease lubrication pump is available with a 230V or a 380V motor, used in industrial sectors. With a 380V motor, one has the advantage that a reduction of the rotations is possible. This is important at more exact fine-tunings of the grease pump. The different motor types are also available as splash proofed models. Another selection criterion is the size of the container. There are grease pumps with containers of 2 kg, 4 kg, 6 kg, 10 kg up to a 60 kg container. These different types of grease lubrication pumps enable a client to obey longer intervals in the filling of the grease pump. The other criterions in the choice of a grease lubrication pump are the discharge rates per time. Here it has to be beared in mind that quite a number of lubrication points can follow after such a grease pump. A grease pump with a 60 kg container is capable of readily supplying a plant with up to 200 lubrication points. The initial volume of the grease lubrication pump is controlled by the pump element.
connectors for centralised lubricationThe pump elements are available in different types and outputs. There are fixed pump elements and adjustable pump elements. Please pay attention to the different thread sizes for the respective type of model of the grease lubrication pump. They permit the user to deliver an exactly defined amount of grease to a lubrication point. The grease quantity as well as the grade of grease are being set by the manufacturer of the plant. During pump installation, first the pump is installed at the appropriate place in the factory. Here it has to be attend that, on the one hand, the pump must not be damaged by an external impact and, on the other hand, that it is readily accessible for the responsible staff for filling and controlling. The electronics have to be connected by qualified personnel. The connection can be made directly to the power supply system or the pump is connected to the external control. The grease lubrication pump should additionally be linked to an external control unit. The control units monitor exactly the pump's intervals and run times. In addition, a surveillance can be installed at the control unit, like e.g. at the pressure valve, a speed monitoring or a progressive divider valve surveillance. After connecting the grease pump to the power supply system, the container is filled. This should happen with care as staining getting into the container can damage the following distributors.
The individual distributors connected to the grease lubrication pump react sensitively to foulings. If dirt gets into a distributor, there is the possibility that the distributor connected to the grease lubrication pump is unable to work. After filling the grease pump with grease, it is closed. The other distributors now have to be connected to this pump. Here it has to be checked which cross-sections are used. The different diameters of steel pipes have varying pressure resistances. The pipes connected to the grease pump should have a higher nominal pressure as the pump`s outlet pressure. The different grease lubrication pumps are available with varying pressure conditions. An exact calculation of the amount of grease as well as the pressure conditions should generally only be made by qualified personnel.
Also the design, installation, and maintenance of the grease lubrication pump resp. the grease pipe system should only be carried out by trained qualified personnel. In case of any uncertainties or questions, please contact directly the manufacturer of the grease pump.


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